About The Wachusett Wood Shoppe

The Wachusett Wood Shoppe  Journey began in 2000 with my interest in building furniture for myself, friends and neighbors. I found that most requests were primitive and country styles with custom designed features. While designing and crafting furniture, I was inspired by the historical significance of the North Central Massachusetts region, along with historical Deerfield, Plimoth Plantation and Sturbridge Village not all that far away. Thus I created NathanialStuart furniture collection and the Abigail Cooke accessory Line, fondly known as Abbey's Closet. I found myself reading and researching about Primitive, Shaker, Country and Early American furniture. I found inspiration in thesimplicity while in the design stages of my furniture. What is Primitive, Country, Shaker and Early American furniture?

Let's start with Primitive. In our country's beginning years, furniture was built with a purpose. It was simple sometimescrude and made of pine.What is country? Country can be a simple Rustic Style, It's about comfort and colors. The furniture can be painted orstained and also made out of pine.What is Shaker? Shaker furniture was a reflection of their  beliefs. They were good craftsmen but was not adorned withmuch decoration.The doors had raised panels but the raised field was put to the inside of the cupboard. They also usedpine and other inexpensive woods.What is Early American?  Early American is a popular style with home owners that have Salt box or Colonial Stylehomes. It was plain with straight lines and  sturdily built. Nothing fancy. The furniture was made from local woods suchas pine and oak. It was either painted or stained. Each piece is hand crafted in my shop one at a time using modern tools but with yesteryear traditions.